The ski resorts in the countries of New Zealand and Australia haven’t been lucky this season. Australian mountains have ranged from being open to being on lockdown depending on the week. New Zealand has been one of the rare success stories of the Covid-19 pandemic due to their remoteness and comprehensive pandemic strategy that has resulted in months with no cases at all. According to Axios, their luck has recently faltered though, as there are now over one hundred cases on the islands. Because of this, New Zealand has shut down all businesses minus those that perform essential functions until at least this Friday. This shutdown began last Tuesday, after the first cases of the delta variant were reported. This news follows Australian ski resorts in New South Wales shutting down last week due to Covid. New Zealand Ski Resorts though are keeping the stoke high with some majestic photos on their socials.

Image Credits: Mt. Hutt, The Remarkables, Cardrona

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