Human-Size Penguins Used To Be A Thing

Human-Size Penguins Used To Be A Thing


Human-Size Penguins Used To Be A Thing


As reported by HuffPost, scientists in New Zealand say they have found bones from an extinct penguin species that swam the oceans 60 million years ago. The penguins were estimated to be over 5ft tall and weigh around 175 lbs.!

The giant penguin is estimated to have been over a foot larger than the emperor penguin, the largest penguin species alive today. New Zealand is considered the be the epicenter of giant prehistoric birds. This includes the world’s largest parrot, and a bird species called Moa.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the post-dinosaur and prehuman/primate time of our Earth’s history must have been amazingly terrifying. I mean sure a giant penguin could be “cute”, but I wouldn’t go near that thing.

Imagine this little guy below, except he’s the size of middle-school linebacker.


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