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Snow Leopard Sends Massive Cliff In Death Match With Himalayan Blue Sheep

Apologies for the heavy duty watermark on the video but this is too crazy not to share.  Check out this Snow Leopard send it off a massive cliff in pursuit of a Bharal or wild Himalayan Blue Sheep.  The two go tumbling in the air with the sheep in the cats jaws and continue their fight as they bounce some 400ft down slope.  If only skiers were as durable as snow leopards….

“This is perhaps the FIRST ever Ultra High Definition 4K sequence of a Snow Leopard attacking and killing its prey – a Bharal or wild Himalayan Blue Sheep. The Snow Leopard unwittingly leaps off a 400 foot high cliff, locked in a death embrace with the sheep. The two tumble down a 85 degree slope, falling onto rocks with deadly ferocity. The Snow Leopard ultimately wins and stays on to enjoy its quarry over the next few days.

After 31 years of wanting to film such a dramatic sequence of a Snow Leopard, we finally got something unique! Do note the behaviour that you might otherwise miss. There is a lot going on here that we don’t notice on first glance – for example, the way the Bharal still has the strength to attempt to pull itself away from the Snow Leopard, just after the first stage of the fall, and the manner in which the dexterous big cat is able to maneuver its body to help it survive.”


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