Kayaker Has Tense Encounter With Shark

Kayaker Has Tense Encounter With Shark


Kayaker Has Tense Encounter With Shark


Thresher Shark - Description, Habitat, Image, Diet, and Interesting Facts

A kayaker in Narragansett Beach, Rhode Island had a tense encounter with a thresher shark that was captured by a beach goer on shore. Thresher sharks are a unique type of shark that has a long upper tail fin that resembles a scythe.

A quick Wikipedia search says that thresher sharks aren’t usually a threat to humans, but this one does not appear to be happy that this guy is kayaking around him. He’s lucky he didn’t get whipped by that tail.

I grew up swimming in the ocean, but I can’t lie that shark videos make me question why the hell I would ever subject myself to the possibility of encountering a shark… Humans are just innately stupid, I guess.

Also, how is it that I’m just learning that there’s a shark with an upper tail fin sometimes longer than its body that it uses to slice fish open? Are they inventing new sharks in a lab somewhere? Somebody explain!

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