Red Bull Hardline Course Preview

Red Bull Hardline Course Preview


Red Bull Hardline Course Preview


Red Bull Hardline is an extremely technical and difficult downhill mountain bike race that pits the best riders in the world against each other in the mountains of Wales. The competition takes place this weekend.

You know a course is challenging when Red Bull can essentially cut a 9-minute video of pro riders all claiming that the course’s various features are “scary”.

I mean they look like a death sentence to me, but what do I know. I’m just a ski blogger talking about mountain biking because it’s summer…

“The most daring of the best Mountain Bikers on the planet have gathered in Wales for an MTB race second to none. The Red Bull Hardline course is so demanding even the most skilled need some time to get it dialled in and that’s exactly what they have been up to recently. Get to load down of all the action that happened above the Dyfi Valley, presented to you by BFGoodrich and none other than the current downhill MTB World Champion Reece Wilson.”

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