VIDEO: Exploring The UK Cliff Jumping Scene

VIDEO: Exploring The UK Cliff Jumping Scene

Cliff Jumping

VIDEO: Exploring The UK Cliff Jumping Scene


“They see themselves as practiced and experienced extreme athletes, as opposed to the “drunk, have-a-go lads” that make the newspaper headlines.”

Digging this new series out of the UK hosted by George King who did six months in jail after he famously free soloed one of Europe’s tallest buildings, The Shard in London. George is now meeting others who undertake extreme sports in the name of fun in. 

In this episode he links up a group of cliff jumpers who spend all their freetime throwing themselves off buildings, bridges and cliffs into the water below.  The UK media commonly refer to the activity as “tombstoning” but the cliff jumping community tend to find that term as pejorative. They envision their pursuit as much more technical sport involving athleticism and practiced skill. 

Get to know 28 year-old Chris Murphy of Liverpool, who spends the work week as a fiberglass technician and when the work bell rings on Friday he hops in his car with his wetsuit in search of his next challenge. 

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