Saddleback Building New A-Frame Cabins, Employee Housing

Saddleback Building New A-Frame Cabins, Employee Housing


Saddleback Building New A-Frame Cabins, Employee Housing


Saddlebacks impressive comeback story continues, this time with multiple developments designed to improve housing and condominium access in the town of Rangely, Maine. All of these projects are directly on the slopes and are affordable compared to their other resort counterparts due to Saddleback’s remote location.

Arguably the most important project of the bunch will be their employee housing campus: The Saddleback House. While they will have housing available for employees to move into next winter(21-22 season), this new housing facility will not be ready until November 2022. The dorm-style housing will feature between one to four beds per room, and be ski-in/out with it being adjacent to the South Branch quad. The affordable housing will feature shared dining rooms, living rooms, laundry room, kitchen, and bathrooms. It will also feature individual ski lockers and outdoor dining spaces.

The surprisingly affordable Parmachenee A-Frame Cabins will have three different variations that will be situated across four acres on the mountain. They will be slopeside to the easy Smelt Streamer trail and is close to the South Branch quad. The Belle cabins start at $474k and feature one bedroom, a bathroom, loft, and 850 square feet. The Nubble starts at $515,000 and features a bedroom, bathroom, loft, and 1100 square feet. The Horn cabins are the largest of the designs that start at $579,000. These cabins will have three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a loft, and 1350 square feet of space. All outside cabin spaces feature outdoor ski racks and benches. Phase one will be complete in late 2021, while phase two will be finished by late 2022.

There will also be another buildable lot, called Upper Green Drake, and are also ski-in/out. There will be eight to twelve lots that will be buildable from scratch, and it will be located adjacent to Hudson Highway, which is a long beginner trail that accesses the base. There is no set design for these projects, so buyers can build any kind of house that they wish to.

This offseason at Saddleback has been a busy one. A new T-Bar is being built, construction of a new mid-mountain lodge is beginning soon, mountain biking trails are being sculpted, a solar farm will be put in, more base lodge dining options will be coming, new guest shuttles are being purchased for the next winter, and snowmaking and grooming upgrades will help improve their infrastructure.

Image Credits: Saddleback Maine Realty, Saddleback

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