"The Deuce of Spades" The Ultimate Backcountry Poop Trowel

"The Deuce of Spades" The Ultimate Backcountry Poop Trowel


"The Deuce of Spades" The Ultimate Backcountry Poop Trowel


“Make a poofect poop-hole with The Deuce ultralight trowels.” 

Not the sexiest backcountry product on the market but it’s a really well thought out and elegantly designed solution for that daily deed of digging a hole to take a #2. The Deuce of Spades backcountry potty trowel acts as a probe for rocks, depth measurer, digger, and toilet paper stand.  It’s basically the Rolls Royce of poop hole implements. Here’s a couple surprisingly long videos extolling their virtues by their designer Mike Cecot-Scherer. They retail around $20 and are available online or at most outdoor retailers including REI.

Simple? Looks are deceiving. A ton of thought and experience has gone into every detail.

• First, save yourself a ton of time and use the Deuce® UPSIDE-DOWN to probe the top 3-4” for rocks or roots that might spoil your poop-hole location; probing like this is a fantastic and unique feature of the Deuce; it’s made to be used right-side-up as well as upside-down; further into the hole, use it upside-down to break up hard dirt and pry out rocks; it provides up to a 4x increase in digging power when used this way
• Made in the US and S. Korea of aerospace grade, US-produced 7075-T6 aluminum that meets MIL spec AMS4045 (the alloy alone does not guarantee high strength). It’s the go-to aluminum for satellites and aircraft because high strength aluminum makes high strength products This grade of aluminum is available in only a handful of highly industrialized countries with technology and quality driven supply chains – it is not available in China – beware of knockoffs.
• Lifetime warranty – bend or break one and we’ll replace it for just the cost of postage (no matter where you bought it)
• The Deuce® #2 is the ultralight trowel formerly known as The Deuce of Spades
• TUMBLED so all edges are smooth and deburred (This requires a strong material so it doesn’t get smashed or beat up in the tumbler. If you see a product where everyone complains about its sharp edges – ding ding! Weak material.)
• Makes a single good extra tent stake but is even better for burying lots of sticks and rocks as deadman-type anchors
• digs down and carves unusually well because of its thinness
• large scoop makes mockery of tent stakes or trekking poles for digging
• cuts right through small roots
• elegant, minimalist design
• a great gift – bet they haven’t got this yet
• eco-friendly – it’s designed to need no packaging and it’s 100% recyclable
• nice colors: Fire!, Ice, Sky, Lime, Purple and many more
• it makes a very good boot- or shoe-horn
• handy for bear canister screws and the like
• yup, you can open a bottle of beer with it
• seriously perfect sandcastle sculpting tool
• you can fly with it in your carry-on
• at least one woman has used one as a standing-pee device – you go girl!




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