Snowmaking system developer Demaclenko announced Thursday that they have created an energy-efficient snowmaking machine that makes snow at above freezing temperatures. Named the Snow4Ever 200,  Demaclenko has various units ranging in size. These machines can produce a volume of 200 meters³ (260 Yards³)  per day. Unlike other snowmaking machines, the snow is produced inside the machine, making it able to sustain its process in warmer temperatures than is typical with other products.

The Snow4Ever 200 can also be adjusted to various settings of snow quality and density. Demaclenko currently has clients using their various snowmaking products across America, Europe, and Asia.

Some notable names include Powderhorn in Colorado, Kitzbuhel in Austria, and Chamonix Mont Blanc in France.

They aren’t the first snowmakers who have built a product for year-round snow. Snowmagics based in Pennsylvania has created a similar product used that is used primarily at tubing parks and indoor winterized facilities. At one point, their technology was used at a ski resort in New Hampshire to operate in the summer and the fall in the early 2000s, before the operating costs became too much to handle. With Demaclenko having many partners in the ski resort industry already, this machine could have potential.

You can view a brochure of the new product by Demaclenko here.

Image Credits: Demaclenko

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