The Weirdest Bike Ever Made (5 Wheels)

The Weirdest Bike Ever Made (5 Wheels)


The Weirdest Bike Ever Made (5 Wheels)


The Street Surfer was an action-sports idea straight from a caffeine-fueled late-90s fever dream by some Australian bros that probably thought they were going to change the biking world forever forever…

While the bike didn’t catch on, the product was actually pretty neat. The Street Surfer combined the carving feel of skateboarding with biking by replacing the front wheel of a bike with four wheels that are able to pivot and lean with the rider’s shifting weight.

The bike still has handlebars, but the rider is supposed to lean his or her weight to turn the bike left and right. The result is a carving feeling unlike anything else in the cycling world.

I can’t find much info on the Street Surfer besides some old blogs from the mid-2000s. The video below has the most in-depth look on the bike from freeride mountain biker Sam Pilgrim.

Watch as he rips the Street Surfer around his local skate park, and manages to break the suspension on one of his first runs. This thing definitely wasn’t made for extreme riding, but looks like it would be a blast to cruise around your neighborhood on!

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