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5 Differences Between East Coast & West Coast Skiers

We are going to take you back to the mid-1990’s with a little East Coast vs. West Coast battle. Here are five observations by an East Coast skier who spent 9 years skiing in the West. 

#5. West Coast skiers have ski outfits just for skiing. East Coast skiers have winter outfits that they use for shoveling snow, drinking outdoors, going to football games and sliding down the slopes.

#4. East Coast skiers will go skiing every weekend even if it’s raining. West Coast skiers will wait till the weather improves before they head up to the slopes.

#3. Skis over 90mm in the waist are called “powder boards” in the East. Anything smaller than 100mm in the waist are called all-mountain skis by Westerners.

#2. East Coast skiers can ski ice. West Coast skiers don’t have to.

#1. Three inches of snow is a powder day to an East Coast skier. 3 inches of snow is “dust on crust” to a West Coast skier.

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