Well if this isn’t the craziest video I’ve seen in a long time then I don’t know what is…

A BASE jumper and his lady friend pried open the doors of Whistlers’ Peak 2 Peak Gondola and jumped off into the canyon more than 1,400′ in the air.

It goes without saying that this was extremely illegal and he could have put others in danger by prying open the door of his gondola car.

I’ve skipped the video ahead just a couple of minutes to get right to the action.


Watching this video made my hands sweat and knees shake thinking about how crazy this guy is. I also wondered how in the hell he got on that gondola with a parachute without the lift operators noticing.

The jumper shouted “That’s for you McConkey” to honor when Shane McConkey accomplished a similar sanctioned feat back when the Peak 2 Peak was first opening.

Clear distinction here that McConkey had permission from the resort and local officials to BASE jump from the gondola and this daredevil did not.

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