“He’s is like a dog… runs up to greet Todd in the morning and when he comes home.”

There is plentiful wildlife in the rural town of New London, New Hampshire, but not many people are friends with the animals. Except for Todd Westward, who has become good friends with a wild grouse. The bird has been hanging around the house since April and has become a daily fixture at their house. They have even given it a name: Walter the Grouse.  While Todd shares a close relationship with Walter, the grouse is more combative with their daughters. When they back out of their driveway, the grouse chases them down and then hangs out at the house to watch over and protect the space.

The wild/ruffled grouse, which is the official state bird of Pennsylvania, is a non-migratory bird that exists in the forests of the Northern Portions of the United States, as well as in Canada. They can also be eaten as well, though it’s probably best not to mention that to the Westwards or their new friend.

The “tame goose phenomenon” is a situation that occurs during the springtime, as the wild grouses become hyper territorial. A video from the Pennsylvania Game Commission explains this interesting friendship that can develop between humans and the wild grouse.

Image Credits: Mary Westward

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