WATCH: Skier Hucks Huge Backflip To Rail

WATCH: Skier Hucks Huge Backflip To Rail


WATCH: Skier Hucks Huge Backflip To Rail


Backflipping may as well be the skiing equivalent of skateboardings kickflip. Big sends are cool. Big sends to rails are wicked. But an improvised mega send incorporating two park features with a backflip to a rail is, well… holy mother gnar gnar sickness give that man a cookie.

In this short clip shared by Instagram user nancy_skiing_ we see a proper Unofficial space monkey do just that.

The post credits user ferdaskiing for the original content but refrains from identifying the unnamed hero or the location where this mad miracle occurred. The stunt pushes the threshold of sketch and a few viewers might need to take a break to change their shorts but it undoubtedly qualifies as a prime example of the finest form of send. We salute you Mr. Space Monkey.


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