The Most Famous Aerial Tramways of North America

The Most Famous Aerial Tramways of North America


The Most Famous Aerial Tramways of North America


Jay Peak | OvRride

Notable Mention: Jay Peak, VT

Aerial Tramways illicit a love/hate relationship from those that frequently use them. They are great for getting a large number of skiers to the summit, but they also pose challenges such as… well… the smell.

Here are the some of the most notable Aerial Tramways across North America. List is in alphabetical order by name of ski resort/area.

Alyeska Resort, AK

The Alyeska Tramway
Winter Aerial Tram - Alyeska Resort

Courtesy: Alyeska Resort

Capacity (per car): 60 people

Year of Construction: 1992

Length: 3,869′

Vertical: 2,025′

Speed: 26mph (4 minute ride)

Nugget: The Alyeska Tramway is fantastic for transporting skiers in the winter, and also operates at slower speeds in the summer to allow for sight-seeing tours of the Chugach Mountain Range.

Big Sky Resort, MT

Lone Peak Tram
How To Take A Winter Scenic Ride On Big Sky Resort's Lone Peak Tram

Courtesy: Visit Big Sky

Capacity (per car): 15 people

Year of Construction: 1995

Length: 2,822′

Vertical: 1,450′

Speed: 13mph (4 minute ride)

Nugget: The Lone Peak Tram is the only lift that services the summit of Big Sky Resort’s Lone Peak. When open, the tram is a launching point for extreme no-fall-zone skiing and riding.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

Capacity (per car): 100 people

Year of Construction: 2008

Length: 12,463′ (over 2 miles)

Vertical: 4,139′

Speed: 23mph (9 minute ride)

Nugget: The current Jackson Hole Aerial Tram replaced the original tramway that was built in 1966. The original carried 52 people per car, and took 10.5 minutes to reach the summit of Rendezvous Mountain.

Snowbird, UT

Snowbird Aerial Tram
Lifts & Trails

Courtesy: Snowbird

Capacity (per car): ≤120 people

Year of Construction: 1971

Length: 8,395′

Vertical: 2,900′

Speed: 9.5 mph (10 minute ride)

Nugget: ‘The longest span is two-thirds of a mile between towers 3 and 4 where, at their highest point, cabins soar 370 to 400 feet above The Cirque.’

Cannon Mountain, NH

Cannon Mountain Aerial Tramway
Home - Cannon Mountain

Courtesy: Cannon Mountain

Capacity (per car): 80 people

Year of Construction: 1971

Length: ~4,951′

Vertical: 2,180′

Speed: ~5.7mph (<10 minute ride)

Nugget: On a clear day, aerial tramway riders can see mountain peaks in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, New York, and Canada.

Honorable Mentions: Squaw Valley Aerial Tram, Jay Peak Aerial Tram, & Snowbasin Allen Peak Tram

Featured Images Courtesy: Alyeska Resort, Cannon Mountain, Snowbird, JHMR, Visit Big Sky


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