Featured Image Courtesy: Loveland Ski Area

CDOT Formally Bans Cyclists From I-70's Hanging Lake And Eisenhower Tunnels  | Colorado Public Radio

East and westbound lanes of I-70 near the Eisenhower Tunnel were closed for multiple hours on Saturday due to a report of an explosive device in a parked car.

Police closed both lanes of traffic out of caution, but no explosives were found. Officials stated that the incident was the result of a misunderstanding, and was related to somebody with mental health issues.

Nobody was harmed or injured in the incident.

Coincidentally I was skiing at Arapahoe Basin on Saturday and noticed a heavy stream of traffic moving both ways on Loveland Pass.

I had no idea until now that the tunnel was closed due to a bomb threat.

I just assumed somebody with a two-wheel drive car had skidded out on the little bit of snow that fell at high elevations and caused people to divert over the pass.

I mean that’s what happens every time it snows on I-70 west of Denver, right?

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