Pro Skier, Sam Schwartz Launches Sustainable Grocery Business In Jackson, Wy

Sam Schwartz Avant Delivery

Pro Skier, Sam Schwartz Launches Sustainable Grocery Business In Jackson, Wy


Pro Skier, Sam Schwartz Launches Sustainable Grocery Business In Jackson, Wy


It’s more than likely that you know Sam Schwartz for his big mountain skiing exploits. A Jackson, Wyoming local, he’s regularly seen slashing pow in the backcountry while also competing in the legendary Kings and Queens of Corbet’s Competition. Despite all these free skiing accolades, Schwartz is now trying to get noticed for something else…helping the environment. Schwartz has taken his celebrity status, paired it with a strong business acumen and a passion for the outdoors and created the world’s first Reusable Packing Network, Avant Delivery.

Avant Delivery is Wyoming’s first sustainability service for grocery delivery,  zero-waste restaurant takeout and waste management. The real key to the service is Avant’s circular model. By starting with local grocery sourcing and cycling all the way to compost hauling the process makes reuse quite simple and easy.

Grocery Delivery on a Local Level

Avant Delivery

The Avant process all begins with grocery delivery. They have essentially created their own grocery store made up of participating vendors local to Jackson. In doing so, Avant is assuring customers the best option for getting the freshest groceries without producing any waste.

“After years of shopping in grocery stores avoiding purchasing products with unnecessary plastic packaging, it was so clear to me that the packaging system was broken,” said Sam Schwartz, Avant Delivery Founder & amp; CEO.

Shopping local is a key component to clearing up this packaging issue. You can order right off a menu online and delivery is the next day and free. Avant also offers regular grocery delivery from Jackson Whole Foods for $25 per trip. All groceries are picked up and delivered that day in Avant reusable tote and produce bags, no order minimum required.

Zero Waste Restaurant Takeout

Avant Delivery

Groceries, however, are not the be all end all of Avant Delivery. If you are in the mood for takeout, they have you covered there too. Jackson’s annual visitor total continues to climb, recently reaching over three million per year. Avant is combating this and supporting small businesses by giving them access to reusable packaging. These reusable containers can than be used in participating restaurants. Ultimately, this creates yet another reason to shop local rather than in big box chains.

Simplifying Waste Management

Avant Delivery

The whole process comes full circle when you get to the simple yet oh-so-important component of waste management. Provided with your Avant Delivery membership is a reusables box and compost bin. When finished with the packaging and waste from either grocery delivery or
takeout, you toss it right in the bin. Avant will pick them up weekly leaving you with new, sanitized containers.

Avant Delivery memberships cost $39.99 per month. This includes access to
the Avant Reusables Network around town, compost hauling and the Avant
Delivery grocery store. All deliveries from the Avant grocery store are free and deliveries from Whole Foods are $25 per trip. Limited memberships are

“In a community like Jackson that lives and breathes the environment and outdoor recreation, we have an obligation to minimize our impact and make sustainability the no-brainer option for local businesses and consumers, says Schwarz.”

With a program like Schwarz’s Avant Delivery, there is no question he is sending it in the right direction.

*All photos credit: Katie Cooney / Mountain Hive

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