Schweitzer Joins The Ikon Pass

Schweitzer Joins The Ikon Pass


Schweitzer Joins The Ikon Pass


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Northern Idaho’s Schweitzer will be the 45th Ikon pass destination, according to a statement on the resort’s website.

Ikon pass holders will get 7 unrestricted days at Schweitzer, and Ikon base pass holders will get 5 days with some holiday blackouts.

The move to join the Ikon pass is part of Schweitzer’s plan to dramatically improve the resort over the coming years.

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The resort is planning a parking lot expansion, investing $250k to increase the uphill capacity of the Stella Express, and spending close to $500k on RFID technology for direct-to-lift access.

You can read more about Schweitzer’s decision to join the Ikon pass here.

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Featured Image Courtesy: FACEBOOK/Schweitzer

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