^Arapahoe Basin. Credit: Matt Lorelli

SB21-184 is a new bill making the rounds in the Colorado legislator. If passed, it will require ski resorts to disclose injuries and deaths. Something that is usually kept under wraps.

“The bill would amend the “Ski Safety Act of 1979” by:

  • Requiring each ski area to adopt and publish, in printed form and on the ski area’s website, if any, a safety plan specifying the governance, management, and operational roles, responsibilities, and practices of the ski area to prevent accidents and reduce the frequency and severity of injuries; and
  • Requiring ski areas with an elevation drop of 500 feet or more and at least one elevated lift to:
    • Collect and disseminate seasonal data on ski and snowboard accidents and deaths, including those occurring while boarding or exiting lifts; and
    • Collect and make available, upon request, specific information about each accident, including where and when it occurred, the conditions at the time, the type of injuries and whether death occurred on site or following medical transport, and specified nonprivate information about the injured person.

The bill makes any failure to create, maintain, and publish a safety plan or provide the required reports or data grounds for discipline by the passenger tramway safety board.”

The goal for the bill is to create more transparency between the ski resort guests and the ski resorts themselves.

I’m not sure who this necessarily benefits, but I guess it does hold ski resorts accountable for mistakes that could get swept under the rug.

^Loveland Ski Area. Credit: Matt Lorelli

I’m also interested to see which resort reports the most injuries if the bill passes. My guess is it will probably be one of the state’s ‘Epic’ resorts that caters to thousands of skiers daily.

What are your thoughts on SB21-184?

Featured Image: Arapahoe Basin Steep Gullies, Skier: Matt Lorelli

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