JONES Snowboards Introduces 'The Lodge Boys'

JONES Snowboards Introduces 'The Lodge Boys'

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JONES Snowboards Introduces 'The Lodge Boys'


JONES Snowboards just released a brand new film about The Lodge Boys and their passion for ripping backcountry powder on their split boards.

I loved the pillow line segments, and the vibe I got from watching these guys talk about their friendship and love for snowboarding.

Jones Snowboards“There is nothing stronger than friendships bonded by snowboarding. The countless adventures, epic pow days, chairlift banter and time well spent with your best friends in the mountains are memories that last a lifetime. The Lodge Boys are a perfect example of that. A close group of friends, formed in the misty mountains of the Pacific Northwest. If you ask anybody around they know exactly who these characters are. The pure stoke, high energy and absolute love of snowboarding is infectious when you’re around this crew.

Join Harry Kearney, Jerry Mark and Timmy Taussig as they adventure from Mt. Baker to British Columbia enjoying big lines, spines, pillow fields and plenty of powder turns.”

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