'Miracle March at Mt. Baker'

'Miracle March at Mt. Baker'

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'Miracle March at Mt. Baker'


We all know by now that Mt. Baker consistently totals the most snowfall among ski resorts in North America, but how often do you actually see people getting to shred that powder?

Austen Sweetin documented what him and his crew call ‘Miracle March’ at Mt. Baker due to the copious amounts of powder, longer days, and the pure bliss that comes with riding North America’s snowiest ski area.

Enjoy the soothing music playing over deep powder riding, big airs, and stellar views of the PNW’s most coveted gem-

This is Miracle March at Mt. Baker.

Austen SweetinBoardslide Worldwide presents Miracle March at Mt. Baker.

As snowboarders we often refer to March as Miracle March due to its plentiful amounts of powder. The sun starts to show its face and the days become longer allowing us to take on some bigger missions on our split boards. This month we took full advantage of our backyard spending it at home smashing the resort on storm days and heading out into some new terrain we’ve been scoping on the sunny days. Enjoy our March Recap and go boarding!

Boarders: Austen Sweetin, Curtis Ciszek, Seth Holton, Zoe Vernon, Todd Kromer, Eric Jackson, Max Djenohan, Garrett Warnick, Hans Mindich, and Mt. Baker’s own “BS Boys” Brayden Charette, Miles Freelan, and Max Loeb.

Presented by Quiklsilver and Lib Technologies with additional support from Ninja Suit and Coal Headwear.”

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