Alex Hall

The X Games ‘Real Ski’ competition has skiers throw down their best tricks in urban settings and fans get to vote for their favorite edit.

This year’s competitors are Alex Hall, Tanner Hall, Taylor Lundquist, Alex Hackel, Lupe Haggerty, and Ferdinand Dahl.

You watch all of their segments, and vote for your favorite here.

Immediate standouts from watching each segment once are Alex Hall and Taylor Lundquist.

Taylor Lundquist

Alex Hall pushed the boundaries of urban skiing, and Lundquist proves she can throw down with the boys, and it’s really not a big deal.

Excellent work from both of them.

I also enjoyed Tanner Hall’s segment.

The 37 year-old legend is still throwing down big tricks in the backcountry, and can land some gnarly jibs in urban settings. Did you see that triple backflip?!

Unfortunately Tanner tore his Achilles tendon while filming this part, but was still able to piece together a tasty little edit for this year’s real ski comp.

Which clip was your favorite?

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