Featured Image: Truck buried by avalanche on SR210. Courtesy: UDOT

May be an image of snow and nature
SR210 buried by an avalanche. Courtesy: UDOT

The town of Alta, which includes: Alta Ski Area and Snowbird, have been under strict interlodge restrictions since Monday evening, and it’s ‘most likely’ the longest ever consecutive interlodge in Alta’s history.

Alta has been locked down with interlodge for going on 59 hours!

Interlodge restrictions require that everybody in the town of Alta stay inside due to high avalanche danger. This includes people skiing or recreating.

Officials can fine individuals who leave their lodging.

May be an image of snow
Courtesy: Alta Ski Area

UDOT Tweeted that crews are currently doing avalanche mitigation work on LCC’s SR210. They are not sure when the road will reopen.

Alta is reporting 84″ of snow in the last 5 days according to OpenSnow.

Stay tuned for interlodge updates.

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