Alta & Snowbird Placed Under 'Interlodge' Restrictions

Alta & Snowbird Placed Under 'Interlodge' Restrictions


Alta & Snowbird Placed Under 'Interlodge' Restrictions


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The town of Alta, UT has issued strict interlodge precautions that restrict travel between buildings, recreation, and road usage. The restrictions are to protect people from being caught in an avalanche when the risk is high.

It’s not uncommon for this to happen once or twice a season in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The town even declared a Maximum Security Interlodge policy that required people staying in the canyon to seek shelter in bunkers or basements.

This is less common, and speaks to the instability of the snow pack in Utah right now. Please stay home. It’s not safe in the Utah backcountry right now.


That only lasted a few hours, but the canyon is still on high-alert for avalanche danger as the Wasatch gets slammed with snow.

Alta Ski Area and Snowbird remained closed today.

Looks like UDOT is going to have their hands full clearing SR210.

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