Top Answers To: "What's The Best Tree Run?"

Top Answers To: "What's The Best Tree Run?"


Top Answers To: "What's The Best Tree Run?"



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We took to Facebook to ask our followers:

Here are some of the best answers!

Derrick S: I have a stash at Blue Sky Basin in Vail. It’s hard to get to as you have to navigate some tight pines and stay on a ridge. Most people don’t stay on the ridge and drop out early. But if you hit it perfect it sets you up to a sweet little pillow line then drops into wide open untracked pines. I call them death pines because the bases of them have no bows and the limbs are all dead and jagged. I guess a group of guys I showed once have been calling it Derrick’s trees for many years now. So honored, ha!”

Christopher S: “That little group of trees between Back scratcher and Pomfret plunge at Suicide Six is best tree skiing anywhere on this planet.”

Tim M: “Why would I reveal my most guarded secrets?”

Erik E: “Great thread. Some of my favs: Wildcat Face at Alta, Jalapeño at Revy, Promised Land at Alpine Meadows, Alta Chutes and Thunder at Jackson Hole, Heavy Metal at Vail Blue Sky Basin, everything off the Temerity lift at Aspen Highlands”

Scott K: “Shadows, Steamboat”

Aspen trees at Steamboat

Shadows. Courtesy: Steamboat Blog

Andrew H: “Id prob go with anything that is heavily aspen or birch… I’d add Stihl Life to Cannonball to Aspens (all one run at Revy). Also Royal Elk Glades Beaver Creek hasnt been mentioned.”

Tom H: “10th Mountain at Park City. The mixed firs and aspens are perfectly spaced to generate an ecstatic rhythm. It’s like somebody designed it.”

Todd K: “Not telling mine Unofficial Networks, you are the worst at keeping secrets you couldn’t ever be in the mafia. You have been would known as a snitch. I say that in past tense. You can have this one…
Vail tree runs, all of them. They are great, go there.”

Aaron  L: “”Run and Stumpy”… I can say it without worrying anyone will find it. It’s one of many unmarked short shots at Brighton. So fun!”

Andrew R: “I don’t know. My wife doesn’t let me ski trees.
It’s an inside joke in our house. Whenever I head to the mountain I get “no trees!” Tree skiing is actually my fav”





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