These Skis Are 177mm Wide...UNDERFOOT!

These Skis Are 177mm Wide...UNDERFOOT!


These Skis Are 177mm Wide...UNDERFOOT!


The widest production skis ever assembled is the Monstre Fat made by French ski manufacturer, Duret. The skis were made in 2007, and aimed to capitalize on the wide-ski craze that was sweeping the world. They just might have went a little too-wide.

Check out this video of how these skis handled on pow.

Duret Monstre Fat Specs:

Tip/Waist/Tail: 190/177/200 mm

Length: 186 cm

Duret monstre fat review - Freeride

Imagine showing up to your local hill rocking two skinny snowboards under each foot. That would surely turn heads, but you better hope there’s 100″ of fresh powder for these bad boys or else you’re going to wash out on every turn.

Does a bigger ski mean a bigger… ummm nevermind.

Anybody have a pair stuffed away in a closet somewhere? Would love to see more videos of these monstrosities out on the slopes.

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