OPINION: "Localism" Sucks.

OPINION: "Localism" Sucks.


OPINION: "Localism" Sucks.


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Everybody wants to protect their “hidden gem”, but do they realize how much that SUCKS?

Imagine you’re perusing the internet looking for a new ski destination to visit. You research “ski resorts near Lake Tahoe” and you’re shown a variety of resorts in the area.

Ski Lake Tahoe | Your resource for Tahoe ski resorts and winter vacation planning.

Courtesy: Ski Lake Tahoe

You start to click each resort’s website to learn more about the terrain, the snow, the accommodations, etc, but you want to learn more.

So you take to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (as most people do nowadays) to see what people are saying about the resort.

Sure, there are plenty of nice things written about the resorts, but one type of comment can inevitably be found, no matter where you’re looking…

“Don’t come to (insert name of resort/state/town/region/country), it sucks.”

Now, most of us that are in-tune with the ski industry know this is simply a joke, but what about those that don’t?

We know that every Bob and Jane online wants to protect their secret ski resort from being flooded with Jerrys, but those type of comments still flat out SUCK.

Jerry of the Day Captures The Most Crowded Slope In The History of Skiing | Unofficial Networks

Everybody thinks one article will turn their local spot into this…

Here’s why:

(Most) Resorts rely on tourism dollars to keep their resort operating.

Discouraging people from visiting the resort could negatively effect the business at the resort. Many resorts rely on media stories for marketing to entice new visitors.

Thousands of people rely on ski resorts for jobs.

More money at the resorts = more jobs. Less money at the resorts = less jobs. Simple as that. More jobs is a good thing… right?

Jobs – Snow Valley

Employees at Snow Valley

It leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth.

Would you want to visit a place where the “locals” are adamantly opposed to visitors? I’m guessing not.

Most people who write these comments aren’t “locals” themselves!

How many current residents of places like Denver, Tahoe, Bozeman, or Salt Lake City can legitimately say that they were born there?

Denver, Colorado | Langan

Is anybody actually from Denver?

Most of the people trying to protect their local area are transplants themselves. Hypocrisy at its finest.

Ski areas are falling like dominoes, yours could be next.

Local ski areas are getting crushed by the competition of resorts on mega passes. By discouraging skiers from visiting, you’re putting more strain on the ski area’s bank account than it probably can’t handle.

Guess what? Ski areas need money to operate, imagine that. 

Okay, my online rant will be done after this:

I understand the desire to protect a spot that feels “secret” to the general public, but it might just do more harm than good.

Feel free to leave a negative comment if you legitimately have a gripe with a resort, but maybe think twice about that “joke comment” next time. Let’s all try to be more positive online.

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