5 Ski Areas You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

5 Ski Areas You've (Probably) Never Heard Of


5 Ski Areas You've (Probably) Never Heard Of


I’m always on the hunt to learn about more ski areas.

Oh, and before you say “shhhh” or “don’t blow up my spot!”, let me be the first to assure you that this blog post will not flood your local hill with Jerrys.  At least I hope it doesn’t… 😉

We’re just trying to highlight some rad places across the United States that most of us have never heard of. Hope you enjoy!

Bigrock Mountain, Maine

Vertical: 980′

Number of Trails: 28

Unique Fact: Bigrock sits within 3 miles of the Canadian border.

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Elko Snobowl, Nevada

Vertical: 700′

Number of Trails: ???

Unique Fact: Elko Snobowl is the only ski area in Eastern Nevada. It is managed by the town of Elko, NV, and only operates on weekends (weather permitting).

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Bear Paw Ski Bowl, Montana

Vertical: 900′

Number of Trails: 24

Unique Fact: Bear Paw is managed and operated by local volunteers. They claim to be the “Last Best Ski Hill”.

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Warner Canyon Ski Hill, Oregon

Vertical: 780′

Number of Trails: 22

Unique Fact: Warner Canyon has a dedication to the environment. The ski area does not make snow, and their lodge is heated using solar energy.

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Bear Creek Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania

Vertical: 510′

Number of Trails: 23

Unique Fact: Bear Creek is one of the first places I ever skied. It’s a great hill located within an hour of Philadelphia.

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