VIDEO: Utah Monolith Located And Crowds Are Showing Up

VIDEO: Utah Monolith Located And Crowds Are Showing Up


VIDEO: Utah Monolith Located And Crowds Are Showing Up


It only took a few hours after a video was posted of that mysterious metallic monolith before folks nailed down the location deep in the Utah backcountry. There’s been international scuttlebutt about its origins and you best believe those who could identify where it was headed out to see it first hand.

NEWS10 reports the location as extremely difficult to get to. Not only requiring an off-road vehicle, but also a solid bit of hiking to get to. The owner of an off-road vehicle repair shop close to the monolith’s location was interviewed about the prospect of sightseers and echoed concerns by Utah authorities that people will be injured or even die trying to find the monolith. He’s also worried about potential damage to the natural features of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land and local Native American artifacts and sites that are nearby.

Anyone who is thinking of heading out to establish if this thing is in fact of extraterrestrial origins, know that the aliens are handy with concrete saws, sheet metal, and rivets. The Utah Department of Public Safety has stated that  whoever did this broke the law and the Bureau of Land Management will determine if any further investigation is needed to identify the culprits.


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