Big White Ski Resort- "Don't wear your mask, we'll pull your pass."

Big White Ski Resort- "Don't wear your mask, we'll pull your pass."


Big White Ski Resort- "Don't wear your mask, we'll pull your pass."


Turns out our friendly neighbors to the North aren’t playing around when it comes to wearing masks on the slopes.

Senior Vice President of Big White Ski Resort (BC), Michael Ballingall, had this to say about mask mandates at his ski resort:

“It’s just like when you break the alpine responsibility code, you ski out of bounds… everyone is trying to keep everybody else safe, and this is as serious as skiing out of bounds, if not more so,”

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Courtesy: Big White Ski Resort

Ballingall told Penticton Western News that guests who refuse to wear a mask will lose their skiing privileges at Big White Ski Resort.

Season pass holders will have their pass suspended for one week for the first occurrence, and one month for the second occurrence.

I’m glad our Canadian friends are taking the pandemic seriously.

Ballingall stated that “99.5%” of skiers abide by the COVID-19 procedures, including wearing a mask. However, the resort pulled passes for 3 guests on 11/21/20 who refused to wear a mask, even after being offered one by the resort.

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I don’t typically wear a mask (in a non-COVID season) unless temperatures are brutally cold, but is wearing one really too much to ask for? No way.

I’m interested if ski resorts/areas in the U.S. will strictly enforce mask requirements this season. Keep an eye out for videos of slope side Karen(s) getting their passes pulled this season…

Either way, just don’t be a Jerry, and wear a mask if it is required. It will make life easier on the employees, and everybody else around you.

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