LSD: Long Slow Distance

LSD: Long Slow Distance


LSD: Long Slow Distance


“It’s a state of mind that goes beyond simple training. It’s almost like meditation. My perception changes. Distance, it’s not just about miles, for me it’s a way to connect with nature.” 

There’s all different paces to enjoy the outdoors but for 29-years old Swedish ex-competitive skier Petter Lundgren, the sweet spot is slow and far. In an interview with Satisfy Running, Petter discussed his transition from the slopes to the running trails and mindstate he reaches on LSD:

“When I was 18, I had the realization that in hitting big jumps—soaring 3 meters above the ground—every kilo would generate a lot of force before I hit the ground, especially if I slammed. Thus, I wanted to lose some kilos to protect my body and become a better skier. I haven’t stopped running since then.

I find that it’s easy to put away my brain while running, to enter an almost meditative state where I feel more connected with my surroundings than myself. But I wouldn’t describe that as The High. I’m an adrenaline junkie and I’ve been searching for kicks everywhere in life since I was a teenager. I think I have a high threshold.

For me, The High in running is when all your emotions suddenly feel a thousand times stronger and come crashing over you like a tsunami. You oscillate between crying, laughing, feeling anger and gratitude. It’s a state I can only reach when I’ve run really, really far and am really, really tired.”

Hope this serves as inspiration to lace up, stretch out and get to know yourself more intimately in all states. Happy trails.

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