RV Self-Defence Gadgets Walkthrough

RV Self-Defence Gadgets Walkthrough


RV Self-Defence Gadgets Walkthrough


“I travel full-time solo in my RV. That means I’m sometimes in remote places solo. I must be prepared for an animal or human attack because help is usually pretty far away. Over my time on the road, I’ve considered every scenario I could think of and built an arsenal of self-defense gear, gadgets and weapons to make sure I stay safe. These tools help deter trouble, give me more power in a fight and keep me safe.”

So you think you’ve considered everything you need to start living the van life, but have to considered self-defense.  This lady has just about every gadget you could find on AMAZON including a Lighting Rod Stun Stick and Bear Spray. Listen to her reviews and remember better safe than sorry: 



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