VIDEO: Making Baskets from Pine Needles

VIDEO: Making Baskets from Pine Needles


VIDEO: Making Baskets from Pine Needles


“Of course I am still a beginner and the baskets are always a little imperfect but nevertheless the process is very enjoyable. If you can get your hands on some needles than give it a go!”

If you’re looking project to get the kids off their phones and into the woods, check out this video on pine needle basket crafting and get involved. Materials are super cheap and the skill is obtainable with practice. These tiny baskets would make excellent bohemian home decor or could house other forest finds and be a seriously thoughtful holiday gift. Your instructions are clear: start collecting pine needles and get busy.

I HIGHLY suggest you to check the resources I listed down below, as there are lots of more in depth videos from people that have been making baskets for a long long long time. For this basket it took me about 6h to make it. It might take longer if this is your first basket.

You can learn more about pine needle basketry HISTORY here…


PINE NEEDLES: If you can’t find long pine needles where you live, lots of ETSY sellers sell them: or for example.

they are also available here:

 For this basket I used 100g of dried pine needles.


– Macrame Waxed Thread:



 – Polyester Thread and Artificial Sinew:

– Raffia Thread:…

GAUGE: I used a small piece of paper straw (about 3cm). You can also use a piece of tubing like they do here:

NEEDLES: any wide eyed strong needle will do (look for tapestry/embroidery needles).

PLIERS: any kind of round or flat nose pliers.


PINE NEEDLE BASKETRY BOOK: (lots of more cool books here)


– Lots of great videos from Debra Carmona here:

– Initial wrap and coil:…

– Easy beginners basket:…


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