The 7 Dumbest Things You Can Do At A Ski Resort

The 7 Dumbest Things You Can Do At A Ski Resort


The 7 Dumbest Things You Can Do At A Ski Resort


If you spend enough time in the mountains you see people doing all kinds of dumb things. To help us all from acting like a gaggle of bozos, we have outlined seven of the dumbest things we see skiers and snowboarders doing at ski resorts.

Stoping Under A Rollover

Coming to rest in a place where uphill skiers and snowboarders can’t see you is a recipe for disaster. This not only puts you at risk, but also your fellow skiers and snowboarders.

How to avoid:  Make sure that whenever you come to a stop on the hill you are in a safe place where uphill skiers and snowboarders can see you.

Ducking a Rope

Remember, ski patrol rope off areas of the mountain for your safety and the safety of others. No one wants to be that person to get their pass pulled or worse, trigger an inbounds avalanche.

How to avoid: Just don’t do it.

Falling Off A Chairlift

Falling off a chairlift is a great way to ruin your day. Chairlifts are not an amusement ride, don’t be a knucklehead.

How to avoid: PUT THE BAR DOWN!

Losing A Ski In Powder

There are few things worse than spending the best day of the season digging around for a ski that popped off your foot halfway through the best run of your life.

How to avoid: 1) Make sure your DINs are set properly. 2) Make sure you get all the snow off your boots so that you get good clicks into your bindings.


Getting Cliffed Out

Feel like spending the night clinging to a cliff face? Me either.

How to avoid: Study trail maps and know where you are and where you’re going. Also, keep an eye out for “Cliff Area” signs.

Being In A Bad Mood

We all know the jaded local who skis all pissed off. Big mistake.

How to avoid: Take a deep breath and be appreciative of the fact you’re enjoying the greatest sport on earth.

Skiing Drunk 

Skiing drunk is just not worth it. We’ve seen too many friends blow out knees after having a few barley pops.

How to avoid: Save the drinks for après.


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