Getting Stoked With Pro Surfer Ollie Richardson

Getting Stoked With Pro Surfer Ollie Richardson


Getting Stoked With Pro Surfer Ollie Richardson


Action sports are captivating, addicting even. There is  a magnetism there that brings you back time and time again. It’s the rush but also the level of unpredictability that adds layers of excitement. Will the waves be good that day? Is the snow decent enough to ride? Deep pow, good waves, it’s all about the perfect line and no good day would be complete without connecting with friends and sharing the experience afterwards over some ice cold craft beers.

Nobody knows this better than pro surfer and 10 Barrel Brewing sponsored athlete, Ollie Richardson. “My life revolves around the weather, says Richardson. If the surf is good I go to the beach, if it is dumping snow I love nothing more than hitting Mt Bachelor. If the surf is junk and there is no snow I ride mountain bikes, mountainboard, kiteboard, wakeboard, sandboard, etc.  I am a Boardsport junkie.” Richardson loves the stoke.  He’s been doing this for years. But it’s as much about the relationships he’s formed through these sports as it is the activities themselves.

Surfing Provides the Stoke. Apres Surf Makes the Connections.

Whether he is surfing, snowboarding or biking, for Richardson, it’s all about connecting with people. Apres ski, apres surf…the idea is the same. Life is just a little bit better when the experience is shared. “I have met almost all of my friends and close acquaintances through surfing. I met my wife, Asia, at the local Rogue Gathering surf contest back in Sept 2004 and now I have 2 beautiful daughters, Olivia (10) and Allie (2), as a result.  I also met my good friend Dan Hasselschwert (Owner of Ossies Surf Shop whom he works for) that same day and the rest is history. ,” says Richardson. 

This is the nature of the beast when it comes to action sports. You’re living in the moment, stoked on what Mother Nature is providing you and you want nothing more than to share that with others. It also helps when you’re sponsored by 10 Barrel Brewing and they provide you with an unlimited supply of your favorite beer, Profuse Juice. This comes in super handy post surf when you’re finished getting towed into big waves on your pimped out 10 Barrel Brewski.

“10Barrel helped create the “Brewski,” Richardson explains, and wrapped my jetski with custom graphics, they also supply me with unlimited beer.  I just wish it didn’t taste so good, maybe then I wouldn’t drink so much! If people could see what the Brewski has seen out in the ocean they would poop their pants.

10 Barrel Brewing Supports Local and National Charities

10 Barrel Brewing

Profuse Juice, like their winter seasonal Pray for Snow, is part of 10 Barrel Brewing’s Drink It Forward program. 10 Barrel has brewpubs in several locations including Bend, Portland, Boise, Denver and San Diego. As a way to support organizations and local charities in these communities, their brew pubs select different local charities to support each quarter through proceeds of their draft beer sales. In addition to supporting local non-profits, the Bend-based company has partnered up with national organizations like the Surfrider Foundation. 1% of all Profuse Juice proceeds goes to the foundation, including sales during activations held at the San Diego pub.

Supporting the surf scene has been part of our focus as an active outdoor lifestyle focused brand for years.  From supporting the Clean Water Classic surf contest in Westport WA to the Agate Beach Surf Classic in OR, Surf Dog event in SD, and working with the Surfrider Foundation as a non-profit partner with Profuse Juice, as well as working with Ollie & Crew and even Billy Kemper in the past, surfing is very much a part of 10 Barrel’s focus to Drink Beer Outside!” emphasizes Andy Goggins, Marketing Director at 10 Barrel Brewing.

A Clean Beach is a Fun Beach

Whether you’re a surfer or not, you have to admit that a clean beach is a fun beach. Just like the action sports themselves there is an irresistible draw there. It’s the allure of being with friends in an oceanfront setting that captivates the mind. 

Another recent story says Richardson reminded me about the irresistible draw of hanging on the beach in Oregon. I was surfing one of our local beaches and the waves were really good.  I stayed out until I couldn’t see anymore and when I came in I counted over a dozen bonfires in either direction that had different groups of varying ages just hanging out on the beach.  Some were huddled around the fires, others were playing catch and some had built sand castles and wind blocks.  I walked up to one of the fires that had a younger crowd and asked if they had a beer.  They handed me a Profuse Juice Hazy IPA and I was like “How did you know this is my favorite beer?”  Nothing is better than sitting around a bonfire on the beach, drinking your favorite beer after an epic surf session.  I could have just slept right there that night…

Tips for a Safe and Fun Surf Day

Looking to get into surfing in a safe and fun way? Here is what Ollie ” Real Deal” Richardson suggests 

Surfing tips for a safe, fun day at the beach:

1) Know before you go – always check the swell and wind forecast prior to going surfing and find a spot protected from the wind and sheltered from the swell if its above 5′.  Surfers typically want 5′ or smaller waves to help make sure they can stay safe while having fun.

2) Check the tides – typically most beaches are going to be better at medium to higher tide, try to avoid minus tides.  Be aware that higher tide will cover any hidden rocks or reef, but should also help keep you from hitting them when submerged.

3) Avoid Rip Currents – these are dangerous and if you are new to surfing then you need to know how to recognize them, how to avoid them, and how to get out of them if your caught in one. (See pics attached)


Beach etiquette

*Both of these signs are posted on the bathrooms at Agate Beach across the street from Ossies Surf Shop in Newport.

4) Choose the right equipment – if your a beginner you want a Longboard (soft foam board), if the waves are steep and hollow you want a Shortboard.  Knowing how to select the right equipment based upon the conditions means the difference between having fun or being miserable and not catching any waves or getting any good rides.

5) Get a lesson and use the buddy system- Go to Ossies Surf Shop and get a lesson from a licensed NSSIA certified surf instructor.  Whether you are a first timer, intermediate or advanced surfer a lesson can quickly take your abilities to the next level.  Always surf with a buddy in case something happens during the session there will be someone there to help you.

6) Don’t forget the ice cold Profuse Juice from 10Barrel (Over 21 ONLY) so you can talk about your experiences on the beach with your buddies post-session.

* All photos courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing

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