VIDEO: Living With ONLY 47 Possessions...Lifestyle of Extreme Minimalist

VIDEO: Living With ONLY 47 Possessions...Lifestyle of Extreme Minimalist


VIDEO: Living With ONLY 47 Possessions...Lifestyle of Extreme Minimalist


Interesting look at the 47 possessions of an extreme minimalist. Over the past 10 years, Rob Greenfield has transformed his life by downsizing all of his stuff, scrapping his bank account, and dedicating his work to raising awareness about environmental issues. In this video he details the simple, zero waste possessions he travels with and talks about the philosophies of non-attachment, non-materialism, and non-ownership shape his lifestyle:

Currently I own less than 50 possessions and they all fit into this small backpack. This is the result of nearly a decade of rethinking life as I once knew it and taking action upon this thought.
My life is extreme, I will be the first to say that.
In truth, the reason that I have to live this extreme life is because our current society is so extreme. We are causing so much destruction to our natural world and the species we share the earth with. Our systems are so unjust and unequal to so many of our fellow humans. These societal injustices and inequalities don’t represent me. There is so much inherent, but often unnoticed, inhumanity built into them. I feel I have no choice but to step outside of these systems and to put my resources and support into other systems.
Simply doing this makes me extreme.
My purpose is not to tell anyone to live like me. By going to this extreme, I simply want to instigate deep self-reflection. Is your life causing injustice and inequality, whether directly or indirectly? Can you make positive changes to uplift humanity and other species? I think you can.
Today, I’m excited to have this new video to share with you from my friends at @exploringalternatives, sharing my life of simplicity. I hope that it can inspire you to take a larger step down the path of sustainability, equality and justice. (Link in bio to watch.)

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For the first two and a half decades of my life I fit in with a fairly typical American lifestyle. But in 2011 I learned that my life was destroying the world I loved.  I wanted to live in a manner that didn’t destroy the earth, other people and other species. I wanted to live free of lies and corruption. I wanted to be able to feel good about my life. In order to live the way I truly wanted, I realized that I had to radically transform my life. I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to transform my whole life overnight, so I made a plan of changing my life one bit at a time. For two years I made at least one positive change each week and I was able to drastically change my life in a fairly short period of time. Today I am excited to be publishing the first 100+ changes that I made and that you can make too. I have focused primarily on changes that are readily accessible to most of us and don’t require much or often any money or resources. Many of these changes are super basic that you can likely easily do. Some of these changes are quite extreme. I encourage you to start small and where you can and grow from there. Embrace who you are, the time you are in and where you are located. You can only be you! I encourage you to pick at least one change to make today from this list and to commit to making that one. Then chose another and make that change. Keep that up until you become the change that you wish to see in the world! Get inspired and activated at (link in bio) – Photo by @livewonderful_

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