Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area has announced that the ski hill will be open for the summer ski season on May 30th.

*The opening date is snow and weather permitting.

Please read if you plan on visiting Beartooth Pass this summer.

Beartooth Basin is actually located in Wyoming. Currently WY has no travel restrictions and you can access the lifts via WY296->US212 from Cody. Plenty of camping on the WY side, but limited amenities.

Montana has a 14-day quarantine in place for all out of state visitors. After numerous calls to MT Governor Bullocks office, we have received an exemption on this travel ban to cross the invisible state line 2 miles before the lifts and return to MT without being subject to quarantine. This allowance has been extended to all MONTANA residents that have been in state 14 days (Bozeman skiers, you’re welcome 🤠).

So MT and WY skiers – you’re good to go!!

EVERYONE ELSE – As much as it warms our heart to hear folks planning ‘road trips’ across state lines to visit, this is not the year. We’re sorry, but it’s paramount that we are part of the solution and not part of the problem. So get your butts out here to isolate and start your quarantine!!

Thanks for reading and reach out with questions! ⛷🌽🏂

Official Message From Beartooth Basin from Crowdfunding Campaign:

Beartooth Basin Summer Ski Area is a locally owned and operated recreation destination near Red Lodge, Montana.  Every year from late May to early July the mission of Beartooth Basin is to keep the spirit of skiing alive with two surface lifts atop the iconic 10,000 foot elevation Beartooth Pass, MT-WY.

Formerly known as Red Lodge International Summer Racing Camp, Beartooth Basin is one of North America’s oldest alpine ski training areas. Historically the Basin was a summer destination for alpine racing athletes, operated as a private camp. Ownership changed in 2003 when an adventurous group of Red Lodge locals invested in the race camp and opened the door to a younger generation of skiing enthusiasts – freestyle skiers, big mountain riders, terrain park jibbers, and of course, anyone keen for summer skiing.

Beartooth Basin is not your average ski hill.  You could describe it as backcountry skiing with a lift.  Similar to traditional lift-serve ski facilities, the Basin is staffed with professional ski patrollers and skillful lift attendants.  And just like other ski areas, it faces extreme economic challenges – aging infrastructure, high equipment costs, expensive insurance policies, and rigorous engineering inspections.  All of these obstacles are made even more difficult with the access issues experienced due to its remote location at the whim of multiple surface owner-operators of US Hwy212.

US Hwy 212, also known as The Beartooth Pass, is a truly unique setting – high alpine views, a plethora of ski routes, and like minded folks that enjoy the simplicity of skiing and exploring the mountains with friends.  Beartooth Basin offers patrons access to an experience that has been quoted as “the spirit of skiing “ or “skiing’s soul”. Any skier that drops in to Twin Lakes Headwall is a caretaker of that spirit.

It is the mission of Beartooth Basin to preserve this unforgettable western skiing experience for future generations.  In the age of corporate ski resort conglomerates, it is important to keep locally-owned ski hills thriving and it takes a community effort to make that happen.  Each year, it is an uphill battle to provide uphill service to skiers and snowboarders that visit Red Lodge for a summer snow session. With that spirit in mind, for the 2019 Basin season to occur, we humbly ask for your support.

The 2019 Beartooth Basin fund drive is now open to receive your pledge of support in exchange for lift tickets, season passes, VIP ski tours, merchandise, and private events at the Basin.  With your support, we will be able to kickstart the infrastructure necessary to bring the joy & adventure from being on top of the world sliding on snow.



1) LIFT MAINTENANCE:  We are replacing the gearbox on our top lift (Lift #1).  Without this piece of equipment Beartooth Basin cannot operate.  Doppelmayr manufacturer costs + labor – $35,000 (this is crucial)

2) INSURANCE:   Each season our biggest upfront expense in operation insurance. Just like the big ski resorts – we have to have a high insurance policy and have a licensed engineer approve our lift operations. We have never had a claim, but the cost to play is high! $8,500

3) FUEL:   BioDiesel purchase from local BioFeul source (Full Cirle Biofuels in Bozeman MT): We are committed to making a positive change and using renewable energy to stoke the fire of summer skiing/riding.  $5,000

4) SNOW SURFACE MAINTENANCE:  Pisten Bully SnoCat rental (contingent on our funding). This is an essential tool for any ski area.  The Pisten Bully would allow us to provide groomers and perfect terrain park features. $10,000

5) TERRAIN EXPANSION:   We are permitted for 2 additional surface lifts – and we are planning to get another lift running in our lower ski terrain this season! This of course comes with operation costs and installation to engineer requirements. $7,000

Support Here: Beartooth Basin – The Uphill Battle