A recent meme posted by Unofficial Networks has led to comments that the digital publication founded in 2006 is fat ski shaming.

Roy Winters has reached out to Unofficial Networks and other publications, while also posting comments to multiple social media accounts that Unofficial Networks should take down a meme showing Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation showing disapproval with the text “Buys fat skis, only skis groomers”.

One such comment made by Winters states, “This is NOT COOL. How dare you poke fun at people in this way. TAKE THIS DOWN IMMEDIATELY!!!”

Unofficial Networks founder, Tim Konrad, reached out to Winters to hear him out but to also let him know that the publication will not be taking down the meme. Konrad told Mr. Winters, “Unofficial Networks is a goofy ski website. We mean no offense to anyone who skis fat boards on groomers, but we are here to entertain people and occasionally make them laugh. This lighthearted ski blog is not for everyone and that’s okay”.

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