Paddy Graham putzes around Hakuba, Japan leading up to the first FWT event of the 2020 season and gets some candid interviews with participating athletes. Great to feel for what goes on in world’s best freeriders before competition day. Full competition rebroadcast at the bottom>>>>


“Freeride is the purest form of ski and snowboard. An unaltered, natural mountainside with no set course and no clock. An international field of elite athletes all have a chance, and the best top-to-bottom run wins. It is the ultimate expression of freedom and personal style on snow-covered mountains, and the Freeride World Tour is the arena where the world’s top riders come together to determine who among them is the best.

2020 proposes one of the most exciting rider lineup FWT has ever seen, with burning hot rookies, top wild-cards, and legends defending their throne. The sport is progressing massively every season with jaw-dropping action, fed by a wave of emerging talents from the Junior (FJT) and Qualifier (FWQ) series. Fantastic to see that Freeriding is a common language spoken by a global community from Japan to Canada, including new destinations like Greece, Lebanon and Kosovo.”

18-25 January – Hakuba, Japan.

06-12 February – Kicking Horse Golden BC, Canada.

28 February – 04 March – Ordino Arcalís, Andorra. 0

7-13 March – Fieberbrunn, Austria.

28 March – 05 April – Verbier, Switzerland.