The Best Skiing Memes of 2019

The Best Skiing Memes of 2019


The Best Skiing Memes of 2019


Shout out to these folks who posted these memes over at r/skiing.

Hope these make you laugh as hard as I did.



I’ve skied more moguls in flat-light than sun. East Coast>Everything

OY! Shoulda stuck with margarine.

Y from 195

I’ll just buy a ticket, thank you!

Nope! They look perfect!

Dook on, brother!

Bout to have a whole pile of parmesan by the end of the season.

Use that College ID til you can’t no more.

You know the rule.

You better tighten those up, bro!

How relaxing!

United as one.

“Look at our snow! That will be $200 please.”

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