Skiing The Balkans (Kosovo/Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Skiing The Balkans (Kosovo/Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Skiing The Balkans (Kosovo/Bosnia and Herzegovina)


Fascinating ski adventures through the Balkans with stops in Kosovo, Croatia and the Olympic ruins of the 1984 games in the former Yugoslavian mountain hamlet of Sarajevo. Off the beaten path for sure. Hope this stirs a bit of travel envy so you start planning your next ski trip:

“Follow Ahmet Dadali as he travels through the Balkans in a Go Hymer RV with Freeskier’s Tom Ritsch and Agron Imeri to ski Brezovica in the Controversial country of Kosovo and some of the ruins from the War in Bosnia in the 90s. Enjoy the Adventure.”


My skiing roots started at a place known by many on the eastern seaboard. Smuggler’s Notch, VT. Three mountains. Five two-seat fixed (…)

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