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We have all seen those dreaded images of lift lines that appear to extend for miles. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more frustrating time skiing than when I have to wait 10, 20, or 30+ minutes to ride the lift. That’s time wasted when you’re paying good money to ski.

Thankfully, Sun Valley Resort is notorious for having little-to-no lift lines. The resort is consistently ranked as one of the least crowded resorts in the country. That means you spend less time waiting around to enjoy the over 100 runs and 3,400′ of vertical that the resort has to offer.

The courd’ is yours at Sun Valley. Courtesy: Visit Sun Valley

Sun Valley’s ability to keep skiers moving up the hill is the driving factor to keeping lift-lines short. Sun Valley’s maximum lift capacity is 29,717 skiers per hour across 18 total lifts. The ski resort estimates that there’s only an average of 2,900 skiers per day. Essentially, Sun Valley has way more lift capacity than skiers, and that’s a very good thing.

Waiting in fewer lift lines means more bang for your buck, and more runs per dollar spent is always ideal. Fewer skiers and boarders also allows the fresh stuff to stick around a little bit longer at Sun Valley. You won’t find the goods trekked out after an hour like you find in other areas.

More skiing, less waiting around at Sun Valley. Courtesy: Visit Sun Valley

If you’re looking to maximize your runs per day, consider heading out to Sun Valley this season, and as always, thank me later.

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