Bankrupt West Virginia Ski Resort Sold At Auction For $2.2 Million

Bankrupt West Virginia Ski Resort Sold At Auction For $2.2 Million

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Bankrupt West Virginia Ski Resort Sold At Auction For $2.2 Million


Great news if you’re a Mid-Atlantic skier, Timberline Four Seasons Resort in Tucker County, West Virginia has been purchased and plans on opening up for the 2020-21 ski season. reports Perfect North Slopes Inc. of Lawrenceburg, Indiana, bought the bankrupt ski resort at auction this week.

Perfect North Slopes was actually the second-highest bidder but high bidder, First Asset Holding LLC, agreed to assign its bid of $2.2 million to Perfect North Slopes in exchange for $30,000 cash.

Timberline filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last April after closing in February. It had been family operated since 1987. Director of the West Virginia Ski Areas Association Joe Stevens had this to say about the announcement:

“Great news for the ski industry in West Virginia. What it probably means that some of the best skiing and snowboarding terrain in West Virginia will stay available for skiers and snowboarders. Probably not for this season, but moving ahead, some of the best terrain will stay available for skiers and snowboarders.”


Fred Herz was camping in the Canaan Valley in 1985, while sitting by a camp fire, staring up at a mountain he thought that it would be a great place to ski. He convinced his entire family to buy into his idea and create Timberline Four Seasons Resort. in 1986 Timberline opened for business. Fred is a true visionary.

Today we are proud to state that we have the longest trail south of Vermont, the highest average vertical in the SE, and the best glade skiing south of New England. Our ski school accommodates skiers of all ages, and we have a program for guest with disabilities to be able to get out and enjoy our slopes.

Our most proud accomplishment, however, is in helping preserve the highlands ecosystem.The Cheat Mountain salamander, a threatened species that is unique to West Virginia, may have a shot at recovery, thanks to conservation efforts that are underway at Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

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