Colorado State's Cornerback Was Badass Skater Growing Up

Colorado State's Cornerback Was Badass Skater Growing Up


Colorado State's Cornerback Was Badass Skater Growing Up


Colorado State’s junior cornerback Marshaun Cameron still sports a scar above his right eye from the time he tried to copy Nyjah Huston by dropping the roof of his one-story house on his skateboard, but unlike Nyjah Marshaun caught a truck on the gutter and landed facefirst and required a trip to the hospital for stitches. Most would have called it quits on the roof jumping but Marshaun gave it a month and tried again, this time successfully (he never told his mom but she will definitely find out now).

Coloradoan reports Marshaun started skating at 5 years old and was considered one of the top up and coming street skateboarders in Southern California, winning the 2010 Make it Count International Series event in Los Angeles in the 13-and-under catagory.

At the urging of his stepfather, went out for the football team his freshman year and lets just say he’s a badass athlete across the spectrum and excelled on the gridiron like he did on the streets. Fast forward and now Marshaun is playing cornerback for CSU. He still rides his skateboard to class and even puts out little edits in the offseason but nothing too crazy “Something simple, where I won’t get hurt.” Next time you’re watching a game and you see #26 stick someone, know that dude also has a nasty tre flip:


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