Ski Helmet Embedded with Near Field Communication Medical ID Chip

Ski Helmet Embedded with Near Field Communication Medical ID Chip


Ski Helmet Embedded with Near Field Communication Medical ID Chip


“When things go bad, rescuers can get the information they need at the scene of an injury in an instant, helping medical professionals make the best judgments for your treatment in the vital “Golden Hour,” the time immediately after an accident.”

Clever idea for an extra layer of safety provided by your helmet from POC. The Obex BC Spin Helmet ($249.95) comes with a Near Field Communication Medical ID chip (NFC for short) embedded in the shell. The way it works is you download an app, fill out your pertinent medical history and then upload to the helmet wirelessly. In the event of an emergency where you can’t communicate, rescuers can scan the chip and get up to speed instantly (but the rescuers need the corresponding app on their phone to read the info). Think of it like a digital medical bracelet you wear on your head that may or may not work in the event of an emergency according to your rescuers’ smartphone applications roster:

“The POC Obex BC Spin Helmet is designed for enhanced traceability and durability in the backcountry. It’s got a thicker shell than the regular Obex, making an already fantastic helmet even safer. With aramid panels and POC SPIN tech, this bucket gives your gourd the best chance of coming out of a hit unscathed and looking as pretty as ever–something we think you’ll appreciate. The “BC” designation is in reference to this helmet’s RECCO reflector and NFC Medical ID chip, which will aid rescuers in their search and response in case a rider (you) goes down beyond ski area boundaries. With all this safety tech, this helmet could become your most valuable piece of gear.”

The helmet that’s designed specifically for backcountry skiers and riders. In addition to all the regular impact-based benefits, this helmet seamlessly integrates a headset (sold separately) for easy distance communication, and has a chip that rescuers can scan to find your medical information quickly in case you are unresponsive.
  • Helmet for backcountry skiing and snowboarding
  • Combination polycarbonate and ABS shell is strong and durable
  • EPS foam absorbs and disperses shock
  • SPIN silicone pad shears in a glancing blow
  • Full-head adjustment optimizes the fit
  • NFC Medical ID Chip communicates medical information
  • Item #POC00EL

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