AccuWeather's Winter Weather Forecast For 2020

AccuWeather's Winter Weather Forecast For 2020


AccuWeather's Winter Weather Forecast For 2020


AccuWeather has just published its annual winter weather forecast for the United States. AccuWeather’s long-range forecast /prediction/outlook team predicts the following weather for winter 2019 – 2020.

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Winter Weather Forecast / Prediction For 2019 – 2020 From AccuWeather


Despite a few cold spells across the Northeast during autumn, winter’s chill won’t arrive until at least the end of 2019.

AccuWeather Expert Long-Range Forecaster Paul Pastelok said, “I think you’re going to see a touch of winter come in in December. But I think its full force will hold out until after the new year.”

Once the wintry weather does get underway, an active season will be in store.

“Whether or not it’s snowstorms, ice storms or mixed events, I do feel this is going to be an active year for the Northeast,” he said.

Above-normal snowfall could be in store for areas from New York City to Boston.

North/Central Plains and Midwest

A polar vortex could still be a key player in part of the winter.

“The polar vortex is particularly strong this year, and that means that frigid air is likely to remain locked up over the polar region early in winter,” Pastelok said. Instead, cold air that could reach the Midwest at times early in the season is likely to originate from a Siberian Connection, rather than straight from the North Pole, and that has implications on just how cold it will get.

Southwest and California

A cool, unsettled pattern is in store for the Southwest and California this season.

In California, the winter will yield enough precipitation to stave off drought conditions into the spring.

“I think they will get ample snowfall, just enough that will fill those reservoirs up in the spring and early summer. It’s the late summer, of course, that becomes more critical,” Pastelok said.

A normal season in terms of snowfall will also translate to decent ski conditions for resorts in California.


In the Northwest, wintry weather will be more scarce than usual.

Strong high pressure over the region is likely to lead to drier conditions and above-normal temperatures.

“I can see some places this winter in the Northwest being about 20 to 40 percent lower on the snowfall compared to average,” he said.

The deficit is likely to hinder the region’s ski season and will continue to affect the weather into springtime.

“For those who rely on hydropower: If water levels are down, it could have an effect on cost.”

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