Really cool backcountry project completed over 3 years for the incredible price of $65,000 CAD ($49,000 USD) including the price of land. There was no road access to his property everything needed to be hauled in by
a 4-wheeler with a small trailer and then loaded on a DIY material elevator to bring them up a cliff to where he wanted to build his home.
The cabin has 3,000 liter rainwater storage capacity and uses a woodstove for heat (the material elevator comes in handy getting that wood up top.) For power they use solar power system and a backup generator for cloudy days.
The cabin has two lofts.ย  One serving as a living room and the other a bedroom. On the main floor is a kitchen with propane 2-burner cooktop and 110 volt fridge, a bathroom with a sink and a bath (but no toilet because he prefers to have the toilet outside) and a surprisingly roomy living area with the wood stove and dining table.

They call themselves The Canadian Castaways and if your dreams include getting off the grid and doing your own thing you should follow up by exploring their Instagram HERE:

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