Kate's Real Food = Ski Bum Energy Bars Born In Jackson Hole, WY

Kate's Real Food = Ski Bum Energy Bars Born In Jackson Hole, WY

Jackson Hole

Kate's Real Food = Ski Bum Energy Bars Born In Jackson Hole, WY


Skiing Gothic, Colorado | Photo by Alex Neuschaefer

This past winter, we had the opportunity to ski tour out to Gothic, CO. Gothic is a wild west ghost town that just happens to get some of the deepest snow in Colorado. While out skiing, we were introduced to Kate’s Real Food energy bars and let me tell you, these bars were tasty.

Turns out Kate knows what skiers like since she was ski buming in Jackson Hole when she started making the bars.

Committed to clean ingredients, natural energy, and great taste.

Before Kate Schade started her own energy bar company in 2010, she was rockin’ the ski-bum life in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Between days on the slopes and nights waiting tables, Kate was always on the move—and she needed healthy food that could keep her going. The solution was what became the original Tram Bar: a pocket-sized energy bar made from the tastiest organic ingredients she could get her hands on.

After perfecting the recipe, Kate shared the bar with her friends in the mountain tram line. Pretty quickly, she had established a loyal following; everyone loved the Tram Bar! Though they suggested she start selling it, she was resistant: too much work, she confessed, before dropping into a powder-filled couloir. Nevertheless, her friends wouldn’t stop talking about Kate’s Tram Bar—so after years of poking and prodding, Kate finally bit the bullet and began a barmaking business.

Today, Tram Bar goes by the name Kate’s Real Food and has expanded to include six delicious flavors. But we’ve stayed true to our roots: creating a great-tasting bar that’s made with wholesome ingredients from responsible, organic farms. We were founded on the concept, “Real Food. Real Energy.” Let Kate’s Real Food fuel your adventure.

All the bars are good but the Bivy Bar Dozen (Lemon & Coconut) is a knockout. 

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