Pallavicini: Arapahoe Basin, CO

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Better known to locals as “Pali,” the Pallavicini lift at Arapahoe Basin accesses the best and steepest terrain in Summit County. It’s a classic double that rises 1,300 feet to the top and those who ride the lift all day are referred to as “Pali-heads.” The lift is favored by locals for its proximity to “The Beach” and its lack of gapers. So, those looking to split time between tailgating and making turns go to Pali first and last.

Wildcat: Alta, UT

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First built in 1959, the Wildcat chair takes skiers over some of the most prime terrain in Little Cottonwood Canyon and plays host to some of the best shredders in the world. From Alf Engen to Brant Moles to Pep Fujas, “The Kitty” has paved a yellow brick road for the progression of freeskiing in the lower 48. It’s not rare to see pro’s and locals alike throwing all kinds of rad tricks off natural features right under the lift. Not to mention if you’re looking to get keyholed, The Wildcat is the chair to take…

Single Chair: Mad River Glen, VT

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The Single Chair at Mad River Glen is the only single chair in the lower 48. Although it was renovated in 2007 with modern components and new foundations, the Single Chair at Mad River Glen has retained its introverted personality. Subsequently, this solitary chair allows for heavy loogie launches and shameless snot rockets on the way up. Also, it’s the fastest fixed grip chair in the country (no shit?).

Mayday Triple: Sun Valley, ID

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The Mayday Triple is the oldest chairlift at the resort responsible for chairlifts. Being a triple chair, the ride is slow but it’s known as the best leg-rester after skiing the quad burning Challenger lift. The Mayday is a local’s favorite to take a breather, talk about the run, and enjoy a refreshing PBR sports beverage while taking in the scene.

Silverton Chair: Silverton, CO


Bought from Mammoth Mountain, the Silverton Chair delivers skiers into an above tree-line wonderland of San Juan GNAR. It might be slow but considering it was installed by hand (with picks, shovels, and what I would imagine is rebar?) you give thanks instead of bitching about the speed. Not to mention, who wants to speed up a chair that delivers the best views in Colorado?

Honorable Mention:

Lift 1A: Aspen Mountain, CO

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Lift 1A would be a prime time player if its destiny was not in serious question. The FIS has requested that Aspen Snowmass’ Skico take down the lift prior to the World Cup Finals in March of 2017. So go ride one of skiing’s last vintage vestiges while you can.

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