“A meteor seemed like the logical explanation, but three separate astronomers ruled that out — it’s too bright, it moved way too slowly, and meteors leave a streak in their wake.”

Experts are scratching their heads as to the source of this light filmed above Jackson early Sunday morning. Buckrail.com got a tipped off by a night shift worker who was watching the webcam at Spring Creek Ranch and saw the odd light:

“My coworker thought something was broken on the camera,” she said. It could have been a meteor, but it was moving too slowly and seemingly too close to the ground. A plane, perhaps? “I checked online, there weren’t any flights that I could find at that time. It would totally be a plane in my mind if there weren’t a weird, bright flash in the end.”

Buckrail sped the video up (the original is 3:35 long and frame-by-frame, the webcam only records one image every second).



Some are suggesting a drone is the culprit of the strange light which is plausible but the flash at the end has everyone baffled? A former airforce pilot suggested it could be a single-ship fighter jet with a pilot “showboating over the valley with an afterburner and flares.” There is a jet route that follows almost the exact path captured in the video but there’s no military training airspace in the area, and fighters generally fly in pairs unless they’re just transitioning from one base to another. Hmmmm.

Investigations are inconclusive. What do you think Tsoukalos….

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